HOCKEY SODA ENERGY is a multi-functional lifestyle beverage with roots tied to our passion for the sport of hockey. When we launched Hockey Soda our goal was to create an aspirational drink that evokes the toughness required to play hockey with the character of those who play it!

Our mission is to spread the hockey lifestyle 'one can at a time' - As part of this mission we hope to connect with our fellow players, fans and enthusiasts who appreciate and recognize hockey as the toughest and most exciting sport on the planet!


What separates  HOCKEY SODA ENERGY from other energy drinks is our unique, fully carbonated, soda flavor. We combine multiple soda flavors with functional ingredients giving Hockey Soda a unique citrus taste; One of our key ingredients is L-Glutamine which is also found in many protein shakes for muscle recovery. Studies have shown L-Glutamine can minimize the breakdown of muscle and improve protein metabolism making it a great post game/recovery drink as well.

Other benefits of key ingredients found in HOCKEY SODA ENERGY include:

  • Minimizes breakdown of muscle
  • Improves protein metabolism
  • Helps protect the immune system from overtraining stress
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Sharpens perceptions
  • Reduces appetite
  • Relieves muscle tension
HOCKEY SODA ENERGY can be used pre-workout for ENERGY and STAMINA, post-workout for RECOVERY, or simply enjoyed as a tasty lifestyle beverage.

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